Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Never putting curtains up in Ecuador AGAIN.....

So I had curtains made by Hannah (argentina).  The curtains that have been in my apartment for the last oh, year were just to big and drape like...AND you could most def see through them.  I went on the quest for tela (fabric) and found this really nice color (olive green color) .  My friend Hannah studied design in school and made her own curtains that turned out pretty cool so I asked her to make mine.  After waiting about 2 weeks (this girl is super busy with work) she finally sat down and did them, so tonight I put them up!  They turned out pretty cool, the only problem with curtains here is they have these needle/clip like things that you have to put into the fabric in order to hang them up.  So it took me almost an HOUR to put up THREE curtains, haha but quite the experience of finger pricking and trying to line up these clips into the curtains.  All in all I have the new curtains up and they are better than the old lady ones that I had before!

This past weekend was thanksgiving and I decided to stay here in Ambato.  We had an inauguration for the new gym classes and other health fitness classes that Bienestar will be giving to students in the morning.  It was a great time, dancing bailoterapia, and seeing so many students turn out for the event.  I hope as many AND MORE turn out for our event next week!

Then later that afternoon, about 8 of us got together at the Economista's house to cook an Argentinian/American Thanksgiving.  We grilled all the meat and then had green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.  It was such nice time to be with "family" and friends here in Ecuador.  I said the "prayer" (yup that's right mom) and got teary eyed thinking about my family all together at home, enjoying their meals.  Next year I will be celebrating with them :)

Lets see what else has been going on.  We are finishing up all the planning that we need for the event December 6th at the University.  We have all of the institutions confirmed and now need to figure out a way to get certificates printed for all 100 participants...there is no budget whatsoever for this event, well I mean there was but all the money was used up to print out the materials for our sexual health campaign "Por mil motivos"...sooo we have to figure out how we are going to do it..

The girls group is coming along nicely and they look like they will be ready to present next friday.  Crazy to think all of this planning and hard work, both by us as leaders and by the girls, all comes down to a half an hour presentation!!! But none the less it will be a blast to have the parents see what we have been working on.

On another not so positive note, there was a suicide this last week, a student of the University.  The student was the son of a secretary at the University and, because Ambato is such a small city, Chino's family knew the guy pretty well. His youngest brother is Mayra's age and the oldest was a compa├▒ero of Chino in school. Apparently he was a very very intelligent  guy, had written 3 books, all containing material about suicides, etc and in the last one, had reached out for help.  He only sent it through e-mail to three close friends, none of whom took the time to read it over before he decided to take his own life.

Chino and I went to the wake.  The saddest thing I have ever seen.  I had had interactions with the mother because of her connection at the University.  I just can't imagine what it would be like to lose your own child.  Makes you really think about the important things in life, and how we dwell on such little things, that in retrospect do not have as much impact on us in the long run...

Gotta live each day and be happy for what we have!!!

Alright hope Thanksgiving was splended for all of you who are reading my blog...there are people out there reading besides my mom and howard right??  haha

buenas noches!

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  1. Rachel,

    Greaat blog and very good insights - "...the important things in life..." Sally and I bought some tickets for the latest Powerball drawing and a chence at $550 million. We asked ourselves what we'd do if we won. A better question would be, "What will we do if we never win?" As long as we have you and Ruth, a roof over our heads, healthy food on the table, good friends, and access to a local library we'll be better than okay. Keep up the good work.