Tuesday, December 4, 2012

There was a gusano in my refri....what?!?!

Happy December to Everyone!

I was cooking stir fry today for lunch and opened my fridge to grab the soy sauce, and as I lifted the bottle, this goopy thing was stuck to the bottom of it.  As I looked closer it was one of those gross, fat worms that I think live in your vegetables when you don't wash them well....and let me tell you I DO wash my vegetables very well before putting them away.  Needless to say it was disgusting and made me wonder how long it had been in there!!

In other news, the countdown has started for the arrival of my rents, (mom, howard and ruthie).  They come on the 19th, or 20th..hmm I guess I'll have to check on those dates.  I've been trying to play christmas music, but it's just not the same without cold weather and snow, lol

This week is quickly coming to an end!!!  Which is a good thing and a bad thing.  We have an event on Thursday at the University for World Aids Day.  There will be about 200 people just participating, and then a ton (hopefully) attending...gulp.  There are still oficios to be turned in and certificados to be made..ahhhhh!!! Why do Ecuadorians do EVERYTHING at the last minute....ugh..

Then Friday, Sharon and I have our final presentation with the girls group that we have been working with.  I think Im more excited for this presentation than the one at the University.  We are trying do something really special, both for the girls and their parents.  With the girls, we've made snowflakes, and stars that we are going to hang from the ceiling. We are making gingerbread cookies to give the parents afterwards and are making luminaries going up the stairs to the Auditorio...although turns out paper bags with square bottoms are harder to find here than you would think!

On top of it all, Peace Corps has decided to be a complete pain in the butt and do visits.  The one visit will be combined with assisting the event at the University, which will be fun to have some volunteers come.  The other one will be tomorrow with one of the Doctors...what more do they need to talk about!??!?!  Just seems so silly that now, a YEAR AND FOUR MONTHS of being in site they now decide to do all of these visits, instead of, oh ya know, the first 9 months, lol...hopefully they will take our feedback and fix this for future groups.

Alright time to run to the University! I'll write hopefully at the end of the week to update on how the events went!

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