Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner...wait, but what about THANKSGIVING?!?!

So here in Ecuador, as Im sure in the states, everyone is getting ready for Christmas.  Stores have their santas and trees for sale.  The only difference I think, is that here, families have already begun putting up their christmas trees!!!! Chino´s family put their tree up this weekend.  Last year I helped, but this year had some other things to do.  So Chino´s mom and grandma put up the tree, just the two of them.  They decorated it very nice with bows, and different muñecos.  No homemade ornaments, and no lights (i think those were too old).  Makes me miss decorating the christmas tree at home.   Every year we put up the tree together.  My sister and I would usually complain about having to find and bring the heavy tubs but once we got going it was so fun to see the different ornaments that we had and talk about where they were made, bought, or who had given us as a gift. In a way it makes me excited to think about that fact that next year I will be sure to be home and help put up BOTH trees (mom and dad´s)

Well the most anticipated event of the fall is over.  I took the GRE on saturday November 17th.  It was hard.  That´s pretty much all I can say, haha.  I started studying around August, and by the end had done several practice exams and was feeling, for the most part, pretty confident.  The test was at the Fullbright Office in Quito.  Chino went with me, bless his heart, on friday and we stayed at his aunts house.  We arrived and did a test run to Fullbright, then had dinner.  I got a good nights rest, and ate a good breakfast.  Everything was in order.  I arrived at the testing center on time to check in and find my seat.  The writing section wasn´t that hard.  The reading comprhension had it´s challenging parts and the math was ok.  Luckily the scores are based on the number of questions you answer right, so lets hope I guessed well!

These next weeks are going to fly because Im working both at the University and with the girls group on semi-big events.  At the University we are prepping for our WAD (World Aids Day) event Dec. 6th.  For the girls group we are doing our final presentation Dec. 7th.  After that I can wait tranquila for the 20th to role around to see my rents and go to THE GALAPAGOS!!!!! Wahooooo

Not sure what to do for Thanksgiving....PCV´s are meeting in Guaranda, I went last year which was pretty fun.  I also think that we will do something here in Ambato, so it´s probably going to be a matter of choosing one over the other...Plus we have the lanzamiento of the rumbaterapia, pilates, and yoga on that saturday that I would really like to be at.

Alright, enough of an update for now. Until next time, Happy Turkey Day and Black Friday, Madrugan temprano y compran muchooooo (get up early and buy lots!)

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