Friday, December 14, 2012

Girls Presentation Recap-Friday 7th

So Friday was also a big day.  Early morning Sharon, Bianca and I met at the school to get things in order for the Theater groups presentation.  I brought Chino who ended up being a life savor, moving big furniture and cleaning up odds and ends for the auditorio.  We moved desks, cleaned floors and decorated for the big night.

We hung up stars and snowflakes that the girls had made, and taped up the scenery that they painted.  At the end it finally looked like this magical place, with lights and all!  The Director came in at about 12:30 and said that there would be a class coming in to watch a movie...great...Sharon refused to leave, knowing that if she was no there to keep the students in line they would not leave the auditorium how they had found it.  I went back home to get ready and then headed to the school around 5.

This girls arrived all nervous and excited for their big performance at 5:30.  We gave them bread, a banana and water so that they would have some food in their stomach's.  I guess on the invitation we had put that the show would start at 6:30.  We did this because almost everyone is late here, so we thought if we put 6:30 everyone would arrive at 7.  Well let's just, for the first time EVER here in Ecuador, people showed up ON TIME!!

Everyone was in the auditorium by 6:45 so we decided to start early.  Everything went great.  It was so much fun seeing the girls perform and I think they had a blast!  At the end we gave each of the girls their certificates and said something special about each one.

All in all it was a great closing to an amazing semester, working with these girls!  We are going to continue with this group and maybe add a couple new girls if they are interested.  It just seems so hard to have to start over a brand new group, and these girls have grown so much!

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