Monday, December 17, 2012

aaaaand the volcano is erruping..again...

Well it's monday.  I am anxiously awaiting wednesday, when I will begin to prepare for my trip to Quito to get my parents on thursday and then leave for los galapagos!!!

So yesterday was an exciting day.  I woke up to a text from Chino, who left for the states last week, asking me if I had been outside yet, and to be careful when I did.  What had my boyfriend heard, thousands of miles away that I hadn't???  Turns out the Volcano Tungurahua started erupting on Friday.  Instead of a light dusting of snow, I woke up to a dusting of Volcanic ash!!  Yeah not that exciting.

From what Peace Corps had told us, if this happens it is vital to take necessary measures to protect not only your nose, but eyes, skin and hair from this fine element, that looks like fine fine black sand.  My landlord came out and swept it up like it was nothing.  Later in the afternoon I went to Chino's to hang out with his family, and it honestly didn't look like anything had happened, just seemed as though the city was kinda dusty.  The air seemed clear, and as usual IT WAS HOT!!

This morning it didn't seem to have changed much until after lunch.  Here at the office of DIBESAU we are up kinda on a hill and there is a lot of wind.  On a clear day you can see the volcano Tungurahua pretty clear.  This afternoon has turned into a haze, the air is kinda thick and started to smell funny.  All around the mountains are blurry with the invasion of this ash.  I can't imagine how they got over 6 inches back in 2006...!!

So  I've decided that if it stays like this until tomorrow I will have to get out the face mask and...well I don't have sunglasses but maybe a hat, because apparently it's really harmful to hair...It's so funny how ecuadorians just go about their daily business like nothing is happening..!

I just hope nothing interferes with my travel to Quito on Thursday!

Alright I'll keep updating on the volcano, here is a post form the BBC today, enjoy!

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